Christmas Concentration!

KCRE’s Christmas Concentration

94 Gifts of Christmas Fun!

PRINT YOUR GRID from (or make your own!)   & PLAY THE GAME!

Listen for BLINKY &  the Elves

Be Caller #10  at (707) 464-9563  or  800-422-KCRE

Match 2 Identical Gifts to WIN the Gift!

Don’t make a match?   Enjoy a ‘One Time’ Stocking Stuffer and Keep Playing The Game!

We’ll play until ALL gifts are won!

Bi-mart BLINKY Free Play   Each Day- check our website for the HIDDEN Bi-Mart BLINKY ELF

CLICK ON the Bi-Mart BLINKY to ENTER a “FREE Play”….WE may call YOU to ‘Make A Match!’


Check Participating Businesses for BLINKY SPECIAL OFFERS  *In Store Specials/Sales/Offers

  1. Rules:
    1. No Purchase Necessary
    2. Play the Game Dec 1-until all gifts are won!
    3. Must be 18 or older and the one who CALLS is the one who PLAYS
    4. One consolation Stocking Stuffer per player
    5. One MATCH-WIN per household
    6. Gift Vouchers picked up at the KCRE studios during regular business hours

Vouchers will be exchanged for the GIFT at the participating sponsor/business

  1. No Cash Value- Gifts cannot be exchanged

Good Luck!

Click here to print out your grid!