Rene Shanle-Hutzell

rene-picHooked on Radio!

Rene’ Shanle-Hutzell got ‘hooked’ on radio at the age of 7,
When growing up in Southern California.
Rene’ called a local radio station answering a ‘music trivia’ challenge
And WON a Donny Osmond 45 record (Go Away Little Girl).
Since then, it’s been a non-stop love affair with radio, music, trivia and local engagement.
The Rene’ philosophy: Radio’s biggest appeal has been and should always be: LOCAL- with a focus on people!

Rene’ is truly passionate about her community and the people who reside on the Wild Rivers Coast.
If there’s an event that’s happening to benefit our area, Rene’ will most likely be there.
We won’t reveal her age, but let’s just say: her radio days since spinning “You Light Up My Life” on a turntable, have since evolved into spontaneous studio dancing whenever SIA comes on!

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